Allain Gaussin

Satori for solo clarinet

Pierre Boulez

Dialogue de l'ombre double


Georges Aperghis

Simulacre Ⅳ for bass clarinet

Pascal Dusapin

Ipso for solo clarinet

Phillippe Manoury

Last for bass clarinet and Marimba

(Marimba: Adam Rosenblatt)

Ko Sahara

KT-30 for flute and clarinet

(Flute: Kazuhiro Kajihara)

Igor Stravinsky

Danse Russe/Petrouchka

(version cl. ensemble)

Steve Reich
New York Counterpoint for clarinet and tape

Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata in E♭ major BWV 525, 3rd movement (version cl. trio)

Toivo Kuula

Auringon noustessa (version cl. ensemble)

Marc Mellits
Black (Overdubbing, contrabass clarinet)


Maud Le Pladec with Ictus Ensemble


Homo Deus Frankenstein

Co-produktion with Kopergietery, KGbe and I SOLISTI

Glory Hole

Composition: Sarah Wéry

Piano: Charlotte Otte