Allain Gaussin

Satori for solo clarinet

Pierre Boulez

Dialogue de l'ombre double


Georges Aperghis

Simulacre Ⅳ for bass clarinet

Pascal Dusapin

Ipso for solo clarinet

Phillippe Manoury

Last for bass clarinet and Marimba

(Marimba: Adam Rosenblatt)

Steve Reich
New York Counterpoint for clarinet and tape

Ko Sahara

KT-30 for flute and clarinet

(Flute: Kazuhiro Kajihara)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata in E♭ major BWV 525, 3rd movement (version cl. trio)

Igor Stravinsky

Danse Russe/Petrouchka

(version cl. ensemble)

Toivo Kuula

Auringon noustessa (version cl. ensemble)


Maud Le Pladec with Ictus Ensemble


Homo Deus Frankenstein

Co-produktion with Kopergietery, KGbe and I SOLISTI

Glory Hole

Composition: Sarah Wéry

Piano: Charlotte Otte